Amazing Tool to help you focus in League of Legends

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Improving while Climbing

So the things you to fix to move up are – you need to nail down a good champion pool, with champions that you enjoy playing and become a comfort pick or habit basically.You also don’t want to have risks or throws mid-game, so dying late now gets punished way, way more and this ties into the next point.

While playing through Platinum, use this tool to help you keep focus and not being confused on new metas introduced with patches

Throughout years, there have been tons of champion tier list showing you what champions are good this patch. But I have definitely found the best one, not only does it offer you the best champions to play in every role but also provides you with information on what makes them so OP.

Never Give up to Soon – Don’t surrender

You don’t want to surrender and always play as if you have a chance. People do throw, they try and take dumb risks, they’re gonna try and make the 1v5 outplaying stuff, but once you succeed in turning that around. You can take other things like objectives, and you can combeback into the game quite easily.

Focusing on your Laning phase to gain more value from it

The laning phase is going to mean a lot at this point unlike lower ranks, if you win lane and it’s easier for your team to play when you’re ahead but this fundamental is basically built on climbing the lower ranks and shaping and improving it, so you take what you can from a fight but don’t overstay. People are going to try to look for chances to counter-baron if you stay too long while staying low prevent you from contesting for it or even give yourself has a free kill for your enemies, otherwise counter-kills or they’re going to punish you if they stay. Also get used to using pings  for communicating to everything. You can type it, but pings are going to be better definitely.

Mindset of a Platinum Player

Platinum players are known to type a lot and seem to be of a keyboard-warrior category, this is why you use pings to talk since using words will normally make them angry. It sounds very dumb, but everybody in this rank believes as if they are a secret challenger. Their egos are massive, as big as Bill Gates’ total income. They are also all Jacks, Kings and Queens. They will flame you, and they will talk all the time in All Chat just to try and tilt you and get a lead by taunting you and trying to deviate your focus. They feel the need to flaunt how good they are. But this definitely isn’t everyone, but a lot of they players you find will be like “It’s actually my team’s fault, not mine” which is definitely a very bad attitude to have. They are so desperate to get to Diamond as soon as possible since Platinum as a stepping stone. It’s in the notion of Gold is a good achievement to get, Platinum is kind of bad and then Diamond is like the goal.




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