How To Fix On Kodi With Different Methods

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The is a popular server which can avoid all the interruptions which the user is getting different interruptions while watching their favourite videos.But why do they get those interruptions and how do we prevent them. When these type of queries does arise in the user’s mind, they can get the only solution fix the On Kodi.

This article is going to provide two different methods to fix the on your kodi. When you follow the below two methods you won’t get any kind of issues on your kodi videos. Before we are going to discuss those methods we need to know that how do we get this error on kodi. So let us start the tutorial.

Why Do We Need To Fix On Kodi

The kodi software has been getting the huge response from the kodi users and the addons of the kodi also supporting the kodi uses to watch their favourite videos and other exciting movies or tv channels. With the respect of this, the kodi software has gotten huge popularity and now it is unable to sustain that users crowd, to prevent that crowd and to prevent that errors the developers have introduced this vshare product. So follow us to know how to fix on kodi with the different methods.

How Can We Fix On Kodi By Using Stream Authorization Method

Whenever you trying to watch a movie or any other videos on your kodi you would not have got your selected video. Why because your selected video gives the different servers list to chose one of them. In that servers list, you will get server. So you need to select that server and try to watch any video, again you will get the interruption. So now we are going to discuss how to fix this on kodi by using the stream authorization.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software” on your device
  2. Then chose your favourite addon “Phoenix or any other addon” To watch videos
  3. Through that video addon, you have to select your “Favourite Video”
  4.  But you won’t get the video why because that video will send you a notification which says “To Play This Video Stream Authorization Required”
  5. To get the stream authorization you have to follow the below steps
  6. Visit (this is an official website)
  7. In this website, you will get your “Device IP Address” so pick up that “IP Address”
  8. Click on “Active Streaming” option
  9. After few seconds you will get “Your Device Paired Successfully” notification

This is the first method which can resolve all your kodi videos without giving any hassles, now we are going to discuss the second method and also an alternative method to this stream authorization method.

How To Fix By Using Hosters With Captchas

This is an alternative method, you can follow this method when the above method was failed.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software”> Select “Addons”> Click on “Video Addons”> Open any one of “Addon”> Click on “Settings”> Hit “Play Back”> Chose “Hosters With Captchas”> Click to “Turn Off” it




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