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How To Fix tvad.me/pair Permanently on Kodi


The TVad.me/pair is an irritating server issue which would appear while user trying to watch a movie or any other videos through their favourite video addons. In those situations what user must have to do is, the user should follow the stream authorization method to fix this tvad.me/pair error permanently on kodi software.

In this tutorial, we are going to teach you that how to fix https//vev.lo/pair on your kodi software. If your kodi software irritating you frequently then follow the below steps to avoid the unwanted servers issues while you are trying to watch a movie or any other videos through your favourite addon.

How To fix tvad.me/pair permanently on kodi

There are different methods which can solve this issue on your kodi. But we are giving you only one method which also solves your issue on your kodi software. The method is known as “Stream Authorization Method”. So start the today’s tutorial and get rid of the tvad.me/pair in regret to fix tvad.me/pair permanently on kodi.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software” on your device
  2. Then your kodi home screen would appear to you at that time you can also see different options from them you have to select “Settings” option
  3. There you will see your favourite video addon then select that “Addon”
  4. Now try to “watch any kind of video” through that addon
  5. Then your video will deliver a pop up “Stream Authorization Required To Play This Video”
  6. So visit the tvad.me/pair official site “http://thevideo.me/pair”
  7. Here you can receive your device “IP address” which is valid for four hours
  8. Then solve the “Captchas”
  9. Now click on the “Pair” option
  10. After few seconds you will get “Your device has paired successfully” notification

This is the procedure to fix the tvad.me/pair on your kodi with a permanent solution. But this will deliver your favourite videos with four hours duration to get next four hours duration you have to pair your device IP address with the tvad.me/pair IP address.

The End:

In this article, we have given the permanent solution to get rid of or to fix the tvad.me/pair on your kodi software. So now you can watch your favourite videos on the different video addons. If you have lost your pairing with the tvad.me/pair, that means you need to pair it again with the new IP address to get the next four hours service. Hope you got the best information about the tvad.me/pair permanent solution.