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We know already kodi is perfect platform to watch movies and TV shows without register or any persanl date to them. Many addons are available in kodi for enjoy movies and other entertainment videos. When we are trying to watch a movie in an addon we got many server for streaming you selected movie. There you can seee or option.

But when we are trying to use those sites we get streaming athorization error on the screen. Excatly! Today i am going to shows your how to fix olpair Kodi and error without providing any of your persanal information.

By using above link you can fix olpair error very easy so use that link and get error And Fix Streaming Error

Well, before going to fix kodi error, we need to athorize our IP with We can do that very easily by using any browser form your device.

But here, one impartent thing we need to do before going to athorize our ip with olpair or kodi. That is we should install AD blocker extention on our browser, because while opening olpair website we irritate with different ads and many pop-ups on that screen. So, we should install adblocker extention.

Let’s start the simple and safe way to  fix kodi error to your device.

1).First open the official site of openload is

Olpair fix

2). Slowly scroll down and you will see one box  contain “I am not Robot” along with one check box.

olpair kodi fix

3).Click on the “Check box” and wait for few seconds until get “Right mark” on that check box.

http://olapir kodi

4).Now click on the “pair” option which is below the “I am not Robot” Option

5). Once done that process you will see “Pairing sucesfull” text like below image. kodi

6).Now go back to kodi and choose openload of server fot streaming you selected movie.

that works with out any kind of error.\

  • This pair will work only 4 hours after complte 4 hours we need to do the process again. any way we can complted almost 3 to 4 movies during in that 4 hours 🙂 .

Usefull Tip :): When you click on that “pair” option immediately one tab will open automatically so, try to close that window as soon as possible. if you follow this tip you can protect your device from virus of openload.

How to Fix Olpair or on Popular addons Like bennu And Covenant.

Plese note: This process works in any kodi addon so, you can follow the same steps in any working addons.

  1. Open Kodi  And select video addons
  2. After that Select addon in which addon you want to watch movie.
  3. Now long press on that addon and yoy will see one pop-up
  4. From the pop-up choose “Settings”
  5. Now Pick the Playback from settings
  6. Then Turn off Hoster with caption.
  7. Click on “Ok”

That it, this is the simple and secure way to fix olpair kodi and kodi. If still thinking some doubts on your mind paste the doubts in below comment box. We will back with and kodi solutuon.





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